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Co- Curricular Activities
>>   Inter House English Skit Competition on 31 Aug 2018
>>   Classes(1 to 8) will be off on 29 and 30 January 2019 on account of weather conditions as per Collector's order
>>   Cobra Principal Meet on 18 Aug 2018.
>>   Classes 6-9 will remain off till 25 Aug 2018
>>   The PTM will be on 18 Aug 2018 from 11:30 am onwards.
>>   Army Public School No 1 Secures Third Position in Inter School Games and Sports Competition 2018-19 in Basket Ball Tournament Conducted By CBSE in which 102 team participated
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Chemistry Lab


      The Chemistry laboratory of the school is well ventilated and spacious whcih provides individual workspace to 50 students at one time. It is equipped with almost all kinds of chemicals, ample faucets, a composite gas unit with bunsen burners, weighing balances and charts displaying properties of various chemicals that are required for carrying out practicals. The students perform the experiments individually under the able guidance of efficient teacher/lab attendant.

Physics Lab


      The School also posseses a separate Physics lab which is also equally equipped with Instruments, Tools, Equipments, various Analog & Digital Meters, Charts, Maps and Globes etc that facilitate the learning of the subject.

Computer Lab


      The school is equipped with a state-of-the-art computer/language lab with 1:2 ratio of desktops and well qualified teachers with Java, Oracle, C++, My SQL, MS Office and English language learning software in its curriculum for senior students. In addition to this, another lab also exists in the school to imbibe basic level hardware/software lessons for junior class students .

Biology Lab


      The school has a separate Biology laboratory which includes Specimen of different Species, Models of various functioning systems of Human body, Numerous Biological charts and other facilities that makes learning of various biological activities including evolution of life easier.

Geography Lab


      The geography laboratory in the school is a kind of self explanatory one which has abundant charts and models that explains the Universe, Solar system, Earth's structure, Weather conditions, Geological patters, Samples of Sedimentary Rcks & Ores, Atmosphere and Reasons & Remedies for Global warming. A dedicated teacher conducts classes for the secondary as well as senior secondary students of the school.



      The school incorporates a spacious library with more than 10000 books and approximately same amount of reference books that are always made easily available to the students. However, the count not stops here as annual procurement of new books is always an usual phenomenon in the school. Moreover, establishment of an e-library/digital library is also in the process during the ensuing academic year.

Psychology Lab


      In addition to these, a psychology laboratory also exists in the school which consists of narrative flow charts and human behavioral patterns that are beautifully explained by proficiently experienced teacher.

Play Grounds


      Separate Football, Basketball, Volleyball and Kho-kho grounds are existing in the school which nurture interested students in all these sports, under the able guidance of two Physical Education Teachers. In addition to these, students interested in other sports like Badminton and Skating etc are also fostered by gaining respective grounds from nearby Army units.




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