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Date Day Activities Class
21-11-19ThursdayExcursion for class IVIV
22-11-19SaturdayExcursion for class VV
23-11-19SaturdayPrimary Activity-DecorationI-V
28-11-19ThursdayPre Board I Examination CommencesX & XII
01-12-19SundayWorld AIDS Day
02-12-19MondayUnit Test II & Periodic Test II CommenceI-IX&XI
07-12-19SaturdayArmed Forces Flag Day
07-12-19SaturdayPrimary Activity-Handwriting and Picture CompositionI-V
09-12-19MondayExcursion for class VIVI
10-12-19TuesdayExcursion for class VIIVII
11-12-19WednesdayExcursion for class VIIIVIII
12-12-19ThursdayExcursion For class IXIX
13-12-19FridayExcursion for class XX
14-12-19SaturdayEnergy Conservation Day
16-12-19MondayVijay Diwas
25-12-19WednesdayChristmas(Gazetted Holiday)
26-12-19ThursdayWinter Break Commences
06-01-20MondaySchool reopens
08-01-20WednesdayPre Board II Examination CommencesX&XII
09-01-20ThursdaySubmission of Newsletter-Hoshiyar House
12-01-20SundayNational Youth Day
15-01-20WednesdayArmy Day
15-01-20WednesdayMakar Sankranti(Restricted Holiday)
18-01-20SaturdayStates' Day--Primary Activity
25-01-20SaturdaySpell Bee--Primary ActivityI-V