Maj Gen P S Dahiya

My compliments to the Staff and Students of APS No1 Jabalpur for being a beacon in the region towards holistic development of students in all aspects of academics, sports and co curricular activities.It is extremely heartening to note that the school in its relentless quest for excellence and achievement is providing healthy environment in nurturing creativity, competitiveness and team work amongst the learners. With a firm resolve of inculcating a balance of traditional values and modern dynamisms, the School has been successful in producing confident, open minded and responsible students, who are ready to take on the role of socially productive citizens. It provides an ideal platform to the young prolific minds to put forth their creativity, aspirations and talent, through worthy and enjoyable contributions. I wish the School the very best in all its future endeavours and am certain that the Army Public School No 1 Jabalpur will continue to achieve new milestones with dedication, perseverance and motivation.

Brig Lalit Sharma, SC,SM

It is human nature to protect and provide for those we hold most precious and that is especially true when it comes to children. They are a bundle of joy and should be nurtured with utmost care, love and affection. Their dreams are more precious than pearls. Education with a holistic perspective is focused on the development of child personal, intellectual and emotional developments. The uniqueness of each child needs to be appreciated. Their talents, interests, potentials and career goals should be encouraged. There is a need to build confidence through encouragement because positive inputs lead to positive outputs.For dreams of development to become a reality, we need to ensure a safe, secure and innovative learning environment in the school. Proper facilities, support structure, student oriented curriculum, responsible educators would help to realize our dreams are providing our children with quality education. Integrating technology into quality education would facilitate in collaborating, connecting and engaging in meaningful learning circumstances. Undoubtedly, schools play a fundamental role in nurturing the young children. I am happy to note that every student who leaves the school posses social and academic skills and abilities to make choices in their lives.

Mrs.Naseema A

Success has different parameters for different individual. To be the richest may be the parameter of success for an individual, for some satisfaction in work is success and for many others service of humanity and reaching out to people is success. Then, how do we define success to our students.Persistence in the face of adversity is the definition of success. Persistence is the ability to maintain action keeping your emotions and sentiments aside. Nobody is born bad in this world. It is the adversities and extreme circumstances of life which compel us to traverse to evil ways. It is through persistence and perseverance; we can withstand the adversities of our lives and emerge victorious. Most of the successful people may not have followed the same course to attain success but they have certianly gone through the ordeals. They were persistent enough not to give up before achieving their goals. The students give up soon because they have wrong expectations of themselves and the outcome. They live under the defense and security of their patrents and teachers which make them to have wrong expectations of themselves. They expect that the road to success is easy. Their enthusiasm soon melts and they stop working persistently The educators are duty-bound to help children start their journey with the right expectation and imbibe in them the value of persistence. Persistence will allow our children to keepp taking action even when they feel demotivated. I am sanguine that with persistence and persevefrance they will scale new heights and build up their parameters for success